Census changelog
Census changelog

June 2021 - Week three





This week we added a brand new user setting that allows you to control what timezone to use when displaying times in the Census UI. Now you can control whether to use local time, or UTC for the purists. The setting is unique to each user and only applies to Census UI, we wouldn’t dare touch your data!

One more feature and one fix this week:

  • Enabled syncing to Iterable events
  • Fixed two issue with dbt Cloud integration related to dbt Cloud jobs that use multiple steps or include snapshot steps. Should be much more predictable now!

June 2021 - Week two





There’s something for everyone this week as we made a number of improvements to our existing suite of connectors:

  • HubSpot Deals objects are now available as a destination
  • You’ll now always see a Salesforce account picker when connecting a new Salesforce connection (Thanks Roy!).
  • Marketo connections no longer require having Custom Object permissions
  • Syncs will always highlight mappings with type conversion warnings first (Hadley’s very first change!)

Finally, we improved the Getting Started documentation for Custom Destinations API. If you’ve been thinking about trying it out but haven’t given it a shot yet, take another look!

June 2021 - First week





A little bit of new UI in Census this week! Now when a new member of your team signs up to Census without an invite, they’ll get asked if they’d like to join your team first. No more lost teammates!

There's also a new Getting Started with the Custom Destination API for those excited to connect to more services.

And as always, a few minor features and fixes:

  • Added support for Redshift Late Binding Views
  • Fixed dbt Cloud integration bug where environments running on 0.19 wouldn’t trigger Census syncs correctly
  • Fixed bug when using Census to create new fields in Braze with a Databricks source
  • Fixed a false error when reauthorizing Facebook Ads connections
  • Facebook connections now show Ad Account ID in Services Page
  • Performance improvements to Zendesk and Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrations
  • Fixed our Customer.io connector getting aggro and incorrectly reporting a good connection as broken

Trigger Sync via API & dbtCloud

We released a new way to trigger a sync, this time not a schedule, but via API or via dbt Cloud.





Trigger a sync via API

Go to any sync configuration page, and you should see a new "trigger API" option to reveal the endpoint you can send a POST request to.


Trigger a sync via dbt Cloud

Once you have connected Census to your git repo that is hosting your dbt models (see docs), you will now have the option to enable our dbt cloud sync.


You can read more on how to use this new way of triggering syncs in our documentation 📚

April feature showers 🌧 Custom Connector API, ActiveCampaign, dbt 0.19, and more!





This April had a torrent of new features land in Census! Here's the recap of what made it into the product this month!

New Connectors

  • Custom Connector API BETA - Now you can built your own Census connectors. We'd love your feedback on our beta API for defining new connectors.
  • ActiveCampaign as a new marketing destination

Existing Connector Improvements

Data Warehouse connector improvements

  • dbt integration updated to 0.19.1
  • SSH tunnel reliability improvements with tuned keep-alive


  • Force everyone in your organization to use Google SSO only. For example, to require all users to use two-factor authentication.

New Destination: Front 📥





Announcing Front.png

We are happy to announce that you can now sync your warehouse data to Front so you can:

  • Build a 360 customer profile 🌎
  • Use product & customer data to create rules & automation 🤖
  • Reply to users request faster, without having to have 5+ tabs open ⏱

This connector is available on the connection page in your dashboard.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to use the live chat or ping us at support@getcensus.com

Hubspot Custom Objects as Destination





Hubspot Custom Objects Announcement Headway.png

This week we went on a bug spree with Hubspot and added one really big new feature: Custom Objects.

Hubspot added Custom Object support just a few months ago and we're excited to support it as a Census destination. Go nuts sync workspaces, lists, product data and more!

A few more improvements landed in Census this week. You'll see

  • Hubspot improvements with long running syncs, and enumeration handling
  • dbt project support for schema override/prefix behavior
  • Solution to the dreaded Databricks cached credentials issue
  • Shhh 🤫 incoming Vitally support!

Don't Overwrite Existing support for Zendesk and Intercom





Don't Overwrite.png

Census's Salesforce connector supports a powerful option: You can tell Census not to overwrite a field if there's a value already present, on a per-field basis

This is a really useful option when you want Census to let humans in those destinations to override the value. For example, let's say you have a Census sync updating Contacts in Salesforce. You want to provide a name from the database, but you know a sales rep may fix that contact's name once they get on a call. In that case, Don't Overwrite Existing is the perfect fit. Census will set the value, but won't overwrite again so any changes made will take precedence.

This has been a Salesforce only feature for almost a year but today we're excited to finally expand this to additional connections, starting with Zendesk and Intercom! Give it a shot and let us know which connector you'd like to see next!

Klaviyo as a destination is now live ✉️





Klaviyo Announcement.png

We are happy to announce that you can now sync your warehouse data to Klaviyo so you can:

  • Build more granular segments 🎯
  • Send better & timely behavioral emails ⏱
  • More personalized emails at scale 🤗

This connector is available on the connection page in your dashboard.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to use the live chat or ping us at support@getcensus.com

Series A, Startup Program, Fivetran Partner, and More!





Series A Announcement.png

Last week was a big week here at Census virtual HQ!

We announced our Series A funding (which is startup speak for "This just got real!"). We also announced the new Census Startup Program to give other startups access to Census when they're just starting to build out their own Modern Data Stack.

And very related to the Modern Data Stack, we also announced that we are partnering with Fivetran to help every company build theirs, even the non-startups!

So it was already a big news week. But it wasn't just the PR team working hard this week, we also snuck in a few more improvements for our lovely Census users:

  • Invites can now be accepted by a different email address - This should help prevent team invites from getting dropped.
  • Front Integration improvements - We've been working with the team at Front to harden our Front integration. We can also now support API keys directly instead of OAuth if you have specific permissions concerns, reach out to Census support for more details!
  • Fixed the Warehouse Connection tester when used with our new SSH Tunneling support!