Census changelog
Census changelog

New data source: Google Sheets





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How many times have you manually uploaded a CSV to your CRM or Ad platform and wished there was a better way?

Census has always supported Google sheets as a destination, but now you can also use Google Sheets as a source for Census syncs too!

This makes it super easy to get started and see the value of operational analytics in your organization. Now you don't need a data warehouse to get started with Census. Just put some data in Google Sheets and get syncing.

One quick note that since Google Sheets isn't a database, it means there's a few things Census can't yet do with it, but if you just need a quick way to get data flowing, it can't be beat.

👉 Read the docs to get started

🪝Get hooked on Webhooks





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This is a big one folks! Census can now send data via a webhook as your data changes. You could trigger workflows in an automation tool like Zapier or send user records data to your own application. It's up to you!

To get started, simply add your webhook listener URL as a new connection. You could be triggering workflows such as a purchase order, or converting an opportunity in minutes!


✏️ The possibilities of webhooks are endless and we'd love to see what you do with it! Please let us know in the chat how you're using it and how we could make it even better!

🚛 Backfill your event data





We know event data is a bit different than regular object records, and we shouldn’t treat them the same. We’re working on a whole set of improvements to make working with event data in Census better, and to kick it off we’re enabling you to backfill existing events.

When creating syncs with event data, you now have the option to select whether you want to backfill existing event records or skip them and only start sending new events.


You can start backfilling your event data on any destination that supports events, including Braze, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Customer.io and more! For example we've seen one customer backfill millions of historical google analytics events into Mixpanel this way.

We’re continuing to make it easier to work with events, so let us know about your use cases. 🙏

✨ New destination: Segment ✨





Changelog_ Segment.png

We've added Segment as a brand new destination. This means there's now a connection from your data warehouse to your Segment-managed connections.

Enrich your Segment user data, or leverage Segment’s large integration catalog to send customer data into hundreds of apps that Census might not yet support.

…of course, if there is a burning connector you really want, please shoot us an email or drop a note in chat. We're all ears 👂.

🔑 Okta SSO is here





Changelog_ SSO.png

Make your security team happy. In addition to Google SSO, you can now use Okta single sign-on with Census. Another important piece for our enterprise-grade security.

Okta SSO is available on our platform plan so chat with us to get it set up for your organization.

Got another SSO provider in mind? Send us an email or a message in our live chat 🙏

🐦 You can now test syncs before running them





We know how important it is to feel confident before you run a sync with your business critical data. It can be scary to run a sync with an app you've never used before, or with a brand new data set. You want to make sure data will flow correctly!

That's why we're excited to introduce the ability to run a 🐦canary test sync.


To test your sync, simply click 'Run Test' in the new test sync section when configuring a new sync. Census will sync one record over to your destination and let you know if that was successful, before you decide to run a full sync.

Note: Test syncs are supported on all operations except 'Append only' today, so you won't see it on event syncs just yet.

Let us know what you think of this feature or if you have ideas on how to make it better, tweet us @getcensus

👀We also have a lot more coming to help with validation so watch this space.

Join our Airtable Preview


Coming Soon



Changelog_ airtable.png

Itching to pull data from your warehouse into Airtable?

We hear you! We've been working on our Airtable integration and are really excited to open it up for early preview.

With Census + Airtable you can enable your business teams to be self-service with data in your warehouse, and power operational workflows such as managing and fulfilling new orders or prioritizing leads. You'll be able to automatically pull fresh data from your data warehouse into your Airtable bases, as well as update existing records.

👉 Get early access to our Airtable integration

Sign-up to join the preview here or shoot us a message if you're interested in joining. We'd love you to try it out and give us feedback on your use cases.

🚨 Never miss a thing with new configurable sync alerts





We're trying really hard not to make an alert on alerts joke, but we've got some new exciting updates to sync alerting.

👉 New per sync alert for skipped/rejected records

Now you can enable email alerts when syncs encounter skipped and failed records. Go to the new Alerts tab in your Sync to configure which alerts are enabled per sync so you can crank up the alerts for those mission critical syncs.


👉 Alerts for the whole team

Everyone on your Census team will now receive alert emails by default so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

👉 Configure your personal email notifications

If you’ve got enough going on in you inbox, you can always disable email notifications in your User Settings page.

→ Configure your alert settings now


What other alerts would you like added? Send us an email or a message in our live chat 🙏

🔁 Dynamic audiences: Keep your audiences in sync with Mirror Sync for Google Ads





In addition to sending contact information to Google Audiences, you can also have Census remove them when they’re no longer in your audience. We’ll keep your audience in perfect sync with your data warehouse. This means you can use a single source of truth for your audience model and keep it in sync all your advertising platforms e.g. Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

To get started, select the Mirror Sync option when setting up you Google Ads sync.


You can read more about syncing to Google Ads in our docs 📚.

July 2021 - Week two





We’re recovering from the long weekend with our own set of data fireworks this week. Two big new features for you: Alerts Emails for syncs with rejected/invalid records, and Slack as a destination!

Failed Record Alerts

Now you can enable email alerts when syncs encounter skipped and failed records. Each Sync now has an Alerts tab which lets you configure which alerts are enabled per sync so you can crank up the alerts for those mission critical syncs.

Sync to Slack

Census lets you sync to Slack as a destination! This is a nifty way to create human readable notifications when new records appear in your database. We’ve got some fancy things planned for Slack so give it a shot and let us know how you’re using it!

And we’ve got a few more quality of life improvements this week:

  • HubSpot now supports Products and Line Items!
  • Model Editor now shows data types and warns when a model has duplicate column names.
  • Syncs no longer have “Unscheduled” status now that they can be triggered programmatically. Instead, they’ll show a status “as of” the most recent run. If they haven’t been run in over a week, the status will be greyed out.
  • Customers using the dbt integration no longer need to provide Census with additional permissions, we’ll reference the materialized table directly.