Support for external models in dbt

We added support for external models in our native dbt integration. This means we will now correctly import models that come from public or private packages like the one you can find on dbt's hub

Now support dbt v 0.17.2

We updated our native dbt integration to support version 0.17.2 … but they since released the version 0.18 which we will support very soon.

To keep track which version we support, we create an article in our help center 📚

Support for Marketo Custom Object

We are super excited that we now support syncing to Marketo Custom Objects 🎉

Like Salesforce's custom object, these objects help you design bespoke data models that fit your business needs and you don't have to shove all of your in Marketo's "People" and "Company" objects.

This is available to any users who have Marketo connected to Census.

Start syncing custom object right now by creating a new sync

Native dbt Integration is live 🔄

Dbt Announcement Headway.png

We are super excited to announce our native dbt integration. Add your dbt project to Census and start syncing your models to Salesforce, Marketo, Facebook Audiences, Intercom, and all of our integrations.

Our native integration can run side by side your existing dbt setup, so go ahead and add your project to Census, there is no risk! Simply go to your model page in your dashboard and follow the dbt project wizard to get going.


Curious for more?

Hubspot Connector in beta

Hubspot Beta Announcement Headway.png

Our latest connector is Hubspot — you can now sync your user data to Hubspot, enabling your marketing AND Sales team to have up-to-date usage metrics at their fingertips.

Our connector currently supports the Company and Contact object. Let us know if you need access to the other objects like Deal or Product.

As with all our sync connectors we take care to minimize API usage and respecting your plan's API rate limits automatically.

Let us know what you think!

Performance Improvement for BigQuery 🏃‍♀️


We shipped some performance improvements to our Google BigQuery connection. Thanks to some better timeout and concurrency handling, you should see faster and more reliable BigQuery syncs, in particular when using BigQuery in combination with our new Salesforce Mirror sync.

Salesforce Mirror Sync 💎

CleanShot 2020-08-17 at 15.16.07@2x.png

This new Sync Behavior is available on all syncs that use Salesforce as a destination.

The mirror keeps the salesforce object in sync with your source model.

This means it will:

  • Update fields on existing records
  • Create new records when they don't exist in Salesforce
  • ⚠️ Delete records in Salesforce when they are not present in the model anymore

When should you use the mirror sync?

This sync is very useful when your data warehouse is a single source of truth. A great example is for compliance reasons (GDPR, CPAA); when you need to delete a user record, remove it from your data warehouse, and a mirror sync will take care of deleting the objects from Salesforce.

It can also be used to keep custom objects in sync, for example, transaction/payment data.

Intercom Connector out of Beta

Intercom Announcement Headway.png

The Intercom connector allows you to sync data to both the Contact (User & Lead) and the Company Objects.

To add Intercom as a sync destination, simply go to the Connections list in your dashboard and click "add a new service" and select Intercom in the dropdown.

We use OAuth to connect to Intercom so it's fast and secure. You can reuse any Intercom account that has admin permission.

⚠️ We currently don't support syncing to Tags or assigning Tags to a Company or User&Lead.

For more information, check out these additional resources

🔄 Update only Sync for Iterable

We added the support to do update only Sync for Iterable.


This is very helpful if you don't want to create new users that haven't given you permission to email them.

Better Errors & Warnings in Dashboard ⚠️

We improved the error messages to be more explicit and helpful.

For example, when you have duplicate column names in your model, the message is no longer unknown error 🤦‍♂️.

We also added warning tags in the mapper to help you navigate the quirks of some of the destinations. 👇

CleanShot 2020-07-27 at 09.43.51@2x.png