Intercom Connector out of Beta

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The Intercom connector allows you to sync data to both the Contact (User & Lead) and the Company Objects.

To add Intercom as a sync destination, simply go to the Connections list in your dashboard and click "add a new service" and select Intercom in the dropdown.

We use OAuth to connect to Intercom so it's fast and secure. You can reuse any Intercom account that has admin permission.

⚠️ We currently don't support syncing to Tags or assigning Tags to a Company or User&Lead.

For more information, check out these additional resources

🔄 Update only Sync for Iterable

We added the support to do update only Sync for Iterable.


This is very helpful if you don't want to create new users that haven't given you permission to email them.

Better Errors & Warnings in Dashboard ⚠️

We improved the error messages to be more explicit and helpful.

For example, when you have duplicate column names in your model, the message is no longer unknown error 🤦‍♂️.

We also added warning tags in the mapper to help you navigate the quirks of some of the destinations. 👇

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Sync Device IDs in 📱

We added Device as a new sync object in

With this, you can sync the device_id of your customer if you use to send cross-platform push notifications

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Break relationships between Objects in Salesforce with a sync

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Census has always allowed you to create relationships through a sync (e.g. between a Contact and an Account).

For example, when we sync the contact, it gets attached to the Census Account in SFDC. However, previously if in your application database or any other sources you wanted to break that relationship, we wouldn't break that relationship in SFDC.

Now, when we see a null value in the mapping key of the associated object, we will remove the relationship for you in Salesforce.

If you have any questions, let us know

More information to help you connect your warehouse

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We now display more useful information such as IPs you need to allow if you are behind a firewall. We also link directly to our setup guides where you can learn how to create a new DB user with the right permissions for us to sync your data.

More visibility into connected services

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It is sometimes difficult to know which account was used to connect to a service via OAuth.

We now display the username that was used to connect to that service and its instance URL.

With that information, you can now easily know which service to use to re-authorize with service for example.

Zendesk Connector is out of Beta

Zendesk Announcement Headway.png

With the connector, you can sync data to both the User and the Organization Objects.

To get started right away, simply go to the connections in your dashboard, click add a new service and pick Zendesk.

We use OAuth to connect to Zendesk so you don't have to create a new user.

⚠️ Please note there are 2 things to keep in mind with Zendesk:

  • The tag field is an array and we are performing an upsert operation on the field. We are NOT doing an append operation to the array itself.
  • When syncing to a dropdown field, the value to sync has to match Zendesk's API value that is by default in lowercase + snake_case. So "Paid User" is actually paid_user.

You can read more about this in our help article

Check out our announcement on our blog and our app on Zendesk's marketplace

General Dashboard Improvements

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We improved the UI by fixing some small issues or making information more readable

  • You can now hover on the timestamp in the sync history view that will convert the date to "X days ago".
  • In the Sync History again, you can hover on the failure tag and we will show you the errors. No need to check your emails to know what happened
  • Error messages when you try to delete a connection will now tell you which Sync depends on it.
  • When you add a new connection, the Password field is now masked by default 🕵️‍♂️

If you see any issues, or would like to see some improvements, please contact us via email or live chat 🗯️

New Navbar & Support Channels 💅

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Our navigation bar has a new look – we've updated it to match our brand color and added some much needed icons for our links.

We also added a new "Need Help" dropdown where you can find links to:

  • Contact us via live chat
  • Send us an email
  • Go see helpful articles in our Help Center

Finally, we moved the sign out action into a dropdown under your name & avatar so you won't accidentally log out.

PS: we also added a demo video to the quick start guide to help with onboarding 🚀