Various bug fixes & improvements

We continue to make small improvements to our UI, error handling, and overall product experience. We also squash bugs 🐛 when we see them or you report them to us. Here is a list of recent bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added BigQuery support for dbt projects (we're now on v0.18 of dbt)
  • Improved field validation on our data warehouse connector (e.g. pasting a malformed URL with extra whitespaces etc)
  • Fixed a bug with forcing full re-syncs via the UI for update-only syncs
  • Added custom labels for warehouse connections. Useful if you have multiple Redshift/Snowflake instances and need to differentiate them at a glance.
  • Fixed the number of records in Sync History for syncs that are on Continuous schedule
  • Improved error handling when testing Snowflake connections. For example, we now show precise errors for things like IP denial errors.

Faster Intercom Syncs!

We improved the speed of our Intercom connector by 200% 🚀. You should expect our average syncs to update ~2000 records/min (up from our previous rate of 700/min).

Census now also supports custom rate limits for Intercom customers that have upgraded their account (you might want to ask your friendly Intercom customer rep 😏).

Support for Multi-Checkbox fields in Hubspot

You can now natively sync to Hubspot's Multi-checkbox fields without requiring any data transformation.

Please make sure you use the INTERNAL VALUE as given by Hubspot's property settings page.

Email as upsert Key in Pipedrive

Previously, you could only use external_id as an upsert key. We now make it possible to use Email as a key for Pipedrive.

Support Tags in Zendesk

We now support tags field in Zendesk and we have a couple of sync behaviors for these fields too to match your processes. You can

CleanShot 2020-10-20 at 12.18.07@2x.png

  • Merge With This allows you to merge new value to existing ones in your Zendesk
  • Overwrite the existing value present in Zendesk

If you have any questions, let us know!

Upgraded to dbt v0.18

As previously mentioned, we intend to keep up with the dbt release cycle and we recently bumped our native dbt integration to v0.18.

Hubspot Connector is out of Beta ✨

Hubspot Announcement Headway.png

After weeks of testing our Hubspot connector in production, we are happy to say that it is now time to remove the beta tag from the connector 🎊

As mentioned in a previous changelog update, our connector supports both the Company and Contact Objects which means you can use your data in every aspect of Hubspot:

  • 👀 Sales Hub to build 360° profile of your customers to help your sales teams close deals faster
  • ✉️ Marketing Hub to create hyper-personalized target lists, send personalized emails and create super target ad audiences.
  • 🙏Service Hub to give visibility to your support teams on how the customers are using your product to reduce ticket resolution time

And many more use cases like Lead & Account scoring or custom Reporting.

To get started, simply go to your dashboard and add Hubspot as a connection.

As always, contact us if you have any questions.

Stay Awesome 🎩

Support for external models in dbt

We added support for external models in our native dbt integration. This means we will now correctly import models that come from public or private packages like the one you can find on dbt's hub

Upgrade to dbt v 0.17.2

We updated our native dbt integration to support version 0.17.2 … they've since released version 0.18 which we will support soon.

To keep track which version we support, we created an article in our help center 📚

Support for Marketo Custom Object

We are super excited that we now support syncing to Marketo Custom Objects 🎉

Like Salesforce's custom object, these objects help you design bespoke data models that fit your business needs and you don't have to shove all of your fields into Marketo's "People" and "Company" objects.

This is available to any users who have Marketo connected to Census.

Start syncing custom objects right now by creating a new sync