Census changelog
Census changelog

8 improvements to Census Segments: Build even more complex segments with confidence




8 improvements to Census Segments.png

3 months ago, we made our no-code audience builder, Census Segments, way more powerful. Since then, we’ve been hard at work continuously improving the product to make our customers more successful.

Today we’re announcing 8 huge improvements to Census Segments that make building audiences on the warehouse even faster, more granular, and more transparent.

First up, a feature you might be familiar with – SQL Conditions in Segments. One of the advantages of Census Segments is they just run as SQL on your warehouse (you can actually view this SQL at any point by pressing the View SQL button).

Our segment builder lets you define segments with no code, but in that rare case where you need access to advanced mode, you can now add SQL conditions to your segments.

sql conditions.png

Think of it like Excel functions right in your segments. It's a great way to get very specific access to all the power of your data warehouse, without losing all the ease of managing and publishing Census Segments!