Census changelog
Census changelog

Census Segments: Brand new visual segmentation across object and event relationships




We've upgraded Census Segments with segmentation across relationships, so you can build complex segments like paid users who viewed articles at least 5 times between 30 and 90 days ago.

Marketing teams can easily unlock all the rich customer data in the warehouse and keep their audiences fresh, with no code and no SQL. ✨

Segments UI (1).png

What's new:

  • Segments now build on top of Entities, so segment conditions can take advantage of relationships between entities too. Census automatically takes care of writing the appropriate SQL joins underneath the covers.

  • This makes it possible to segment across across related objects and events. Event segmentation is even more powerful now, allowing you to specify combinations of event names, engagement depth, time windows, and more.

  • New visual segmentation UI

  • Segment size calculation that changes automatically when you add or remove filters, helping you explore potential audiences

  • Ability to view underlying SQL of segment and preview members in segment

Everything you build gets converted into SQL and runs automatically.

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