Census changelog
Census changelog

Don't Overwrite Existing support for Zendesk and Intercom





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Census's Salesforce connector supports a powerful option: You can tell Census not to overwrite a field if there's a value already present, on a per-field basis

This is a really useful option when you want Census to let humans in those destinations to override the value. For example, let's say you have a Census sync updating Contacts in Salesforce. You want to provide a name from the database, but you know a sales rep may fix that contact's name once they get on a call. In that case, Don't Overwrite Existing is the perfect fit. Census will set the value, but won't overwrite again so any changes made will take precedence.

This has been a Salesforce only feature for almost a year but today we're excited to finally expand this to additional connections, starting with Zendesk and Intercom! Give it a shot and let us know which connector you'd like to see next!