Zendesk Connector is out of Beta

Zendesk Announcement Headway.png

With the connector, you can sync data to both the User and the Organization Objects.

To get started right away, simply go to the connections in your dashboard, click add a new service and pick Zendesk.

We use OAuth to connect to Zendesk so you don't have to create a new user.

⚠️ Please note there are 2 things to keep in mind with Zendesk:

  • The tag field is an array and we are performing an upsert operation on the field. We are NOT doing an append operation to the array itself.
  • When syncing to a dropdown field, the value to sync has to match Zendesk's API value that is by default in lowercase + snake_case. So "Paid User" is actually paid_user.

You can read more about this in our help article

Check out our announcement on our blog and our app on Zendesk's marketplace